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Table of contents

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  2. Basic Rules
  3. How to play?
  4. FAQ - technical issues


Basic Rules

Build and run your own city in Land Lord Game. Once you have done all your quests and cleared some land, you can build up a beautiful town. Plan and build housing for your citizens, add decorations to increase environment value, build public buildings to discover new land and add business building to earn money. Trade with friends, visit them and  repair their buildings.

City Building

After you've cleared the land, place road pieces to activate buildings. Construct houses, businesses and public buildings like post offices and schools, and place decorations to increase business income and citizens happiness.


Build business building or make quests. You can also buy and sell  ‘Sell me Boxes’. Every Housing Building gives you a little amount of money as well.

Run Your City

Plan your city layout to make the citizens happy and earn more money. Remember that business buildings makes your citizens sad and increase pollution value. To change it, you have to add some decorations.

Neighbour Cities

Visit your neighbours' cities to help them. You can also admire their work.


As the city leader you must guide your city to become a thriving metropolis. You have to deal with lot of quest and choose the easier or harder path for solutions. As a reward, architects will give you building plans of the building, xp, money.

If you have issues regarding these features, please contact Custommer Support.

How to play?

1. How do I gain xp?

Players can gain XP from actions completed in the game. Once an action is completed an XP doober will drop in the shape of a blue star. Collecting these doobers will increase the players XP. Note: Your XP bar will automatically fill, even without clicking on the doober.

2. If I don't click on coins/xp/stars/etc, will they still be added?

Yes, everything that drops is added automatically, you don't have to click on it (please note that xp and exploration points are added as soon as they drop, not when you click on them or when they vanishes from you screen).

3. How can I buy a new building or decoration?

Click on the "Build" button, navigate to the appropriate tab and purchase it, make sure you meet all the requirements to buy it (such as coins, level and neighbors). You have to first gain plans of the building or decoration from quests.

4. Where can I place the new building or decoration?

Decoration can be placed anywhere; however, Housing buildings, Public and Businesses must be placed next to a road to make them work.

5. How can I start and finish the construction of a business or a house?

Once you place it in your city you will see construction site. Once it is done, click it to open.

6. My new house/business is greyed out, with a red sign on top of the building, and I can't collect rent/income, what's wrong?

Make sure that the house/business is connected to a road or a sidewalk, if you think it is connected try moving it slightly to double check. If your building looks greyed out with a red sign, then it is not correctly connected to a road.  If the building is grey with grey key above it, it means it is broken and need to be repair.

7. How do I move, rotate or delete/remove an object?

Use the arrow tool next to building button then select the desired tool. To rotate the building you can use also space bar or SHIFT+space.

8. How often can I collect rent from a Business Buildings?

You can hover over each building in your city to find out how soon you can collect income, or you can enter the build menu and hover over a residence to find out how often you can collect income from that type of building.

9. How can I expand my city?

You can buy more land using exploration points, icon next to road button. You can choose which part of the land you want to buy. Next to the arrow icon you will see how many exploration points you need to discover chosen area, you can also buy the land pieces with stocks.

10. How many game levels are there?

Currently, 101 is the maximum level achievable.

11. What is the maximum amount of neighbours you can have?

Currently you may have 50 neighbours. These neighbours will help you reach certain goals or unlock certain in game features. You may only display up to 50 neighbours on your neighbour ladder. You may only collect from 50 neighbours per day.

12. How do I get Banknotes?

Every time you level up you earn 1 Banknote. You can also win some Banknotes when resolving city quest. If you need, you can just purchase some additional Coins or Banknotes at LandLord Store.

13. How can I get more support with gameplay in LandLord?

14. Who can I contact if I need additional help?

Send message to Baad Games support team through the contact form

15. How to build 3rd Special Building? I don't know where is tab "Special Buildings" in my inventory!

There are at least 5 Special Buildings in LandLord Game:

  1. Mayors' Residence
  2. Town Hall
  3. Opera
  4. Trade Center
  5. Space Port

There is no tab "Special Buildlings" in building plans inventory (button "Build"). Special Building, as its name indicates, are not common gameobject. Every player receives it as a bonus while resolving specific quests. There is a rule that there can be only one Special Building of a type in every single city.

While playing LandLord you will get a quest with subtask "have three Special Buildings in your city", but there's only the first two. The third of Special Buildings will be available to build after resolving some other quests (from character "Giuseppe" - opera singer). After 4th or 5th Giuseppe's quest, Giuseppe will ask you to place Opera House - then you will pass both quests Giuseppe's one and the previous one ("have three Special Buildings in your city").

FAQ - (f)requently (a)sked (q)uestions

1. Loading progress is freezing on 95%

This issue is caused by firewall that filters traffic to/from your personal machine. Please disable all firewall/antivirus programs and check again. If it doesn't help - it would be needed to contact with your internet provider or network administrator to disable data filtering on port 80/443/TCP for non-HTTP traffic. Other games may be working properly due to different communication protocol. If you experience any further problems - please do not hesitate to contact us.

2. Loading progress is freezing on 50-60%

This issue should be resolved by doing following:

1) refresh your browser window to reload LandLord couple of times or try to run LandLord on different browser (we recommend: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox)
2) clear web browsers' temporary files cache (guide) and reload game
3) upgrade Adobe Flash Player to the latest version (Flash Player downloads at Adobe official website) and check it the problem is still appearing
4) restart your computer

3. If there's a problem with payments

We use Facebook's Payments API in our games. Every single transaction of real money goes through Facebook, so please report payments issues directly to Facebook. You can do it through the contact form.